Dance Throughout History Program by LaDibi

This experience will lead you to explore through movement, the history of dance in a fantastic adventure through place and time.

Dance through History is a really fun Experience whatever your age, whether you are an experienced dancer or even if you’ve never danced before.

Thanks to the Dance through History Experience you will expand your awareness of the many forms of dance and become more conscious of their importance. This can be your first step in creating your unique style of Fusion Dance. Discovering why and how dance has evolved from the very earliest African rhythms up until today’s latest Fusion Dance Styles.

Dance through History Experience shows you the different forms of dance that characterize each style and the connection they have to each other even though now these places are far apart.
Dance through History Program is an introductory course based on the origins of music and dance from their natural evolution to the cultural mixing brought about by migration and slavery.
You will start to learn to move your body inspired by sacred and ritual dance styles using African beats, onto India’s Odissi and then Oriental Dance from Middle East, just to mention the beginning of the program. We then move to ballet, modern and contemporary dance styles, up until the last dance where you will work on an interpretation of Fusion Dance based on what we have learned during our time together.

“A special thanks to all my students from around the world that always want to know more, and who have pushed me to go deeper into my research. I’m very honored for the time you guys have shared with me and for your trust in me.”